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  • description imageNLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) originated as the modelling of excellence.  It recognises that each individual is a unique creature with unique thoughts and feelings.  In essence, NLP techniques allow you to choose how you think, feel and behave to self generate ‘excellence’ in you.  It allows you to become aware of how your internal language influences your thought processes, which in turn influences your behaviour.  It works with you in identifying how you can empower yourself and recognise that you are the master of your thoughts and feelings and behaviours.  No one or anything ‘makes’ you feel, or do, anything without an internal choice allowing them to.  NLP enables you to identify where your thinking is limiting you so that you can overcome limiting thinking and create and choose more resourceful states.  It is rapid and effective solution focused change work.

All behaviour is learned, usually with positive intention behind the learning.  However, sometimes, these learned behaviours become outdated; limiting us so much we feel truly stuck.  NLP helps you to discover and re-programme these unhelpful behaviours shifting you to that better you.

Much of what we think about the world, what we see, hear and feel about interactions comes down to the meaning we make of particular things…. This meaning can thwart our thinking taking us to very negative or unresourceful places.  NLP identifies and reframes so that the meaning we make of events is empowering.

Afterall, if thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies… you might as well choose thoughts that fulfil your potential and allow you to feel good about life!

  • description imageHypnotherapy – is a safe, natural and comfortable way of effectively addressing and overcoming challenges that may be keeping you from realising your full potential.  We work together to enable you in finding a comfortable deep state of relaxation in which we address together the things that are holding you back.  You remain fully in control at all times and we work together in using techniques which enable you to find and discover inner resources to generate the change you’re looking for.  Once discovered, these tools are always available since they came from within you they remain with you.  Hypnotherapy can be so effective that it eradicates challenges for good, enabling permanent life-changing results leaving you free to be that person you always knew you could be.

IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Technique is a developing area brief change work process that explores the area of undesired emotions and ways of being. The process and algorithms of the technique explores the question, “How did the client learn to feel this way about that thing?” and opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change within the client’s model of the world.  By teaching resources and skills inside the problem state, IEMT appears to bring the client more into the present moment and enables them to better stay out of past negative experiences.

  • description imageWhat issues benefit from NLP; Hypnotherapy & IEMT?

Stop Smoking           Weight Loss     Social Anxiety       Stress           Phobias        Test Nerves

General Anxiety        Panic Attacks   IBS                     Insomnia       Depression   Obsessions & Compulsions

Fears of Flying                  Relationships  Public Speaking      Confidence     Self-Esteem   Sports Performance

Hypnobirthing / Hypnosis for Birth

Hypnosis for birth techniques are designed to if not eliminate, at least greatly reduce, a labouring mother’s experience of pain and fear, whilst increasing their belief in themselves to do just what their body is naturally designed to do in a relaxed, strong, confident and powerful way. Sometimes even resulting in an ‘ecstatic’ birth experience. Each of these attributes benefit Mum & Baby in increasing the hormones essential to the bonding and attachment phase.

Breathing, visualisations and clearing techniques are introduced and then practiced regularly prior to active birth to build relaxation and resources for a relaxed, positive and calm birth. The more relaxation in labour the mother experiences, the greater the comfort experienced in birth.
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