“Best. Flight. Ever.” – Testimonial for successful hypnosis for flying phobia


If you have a fear, or indeed a phobia of flying, hypnosis to overcome fear of flying is really effective. My clients have overcome their fear of flying with hypnosis and now even ‘enjoy’ the benefits being able to fly comfortably brings.

Where before flying had only been possible with the help of alcohol or sedatives, my clients now feel safe and grounded, stable and trusting of themselves. They feel confident, excited and empowered when they fly and are discovering new places right now. Not only do they now explore new, more distant, holiday destinations, some have even broadened professional horizons accepting job offers for positions involving international travel.

Those who have success with DōChange Hypnotherapy for fear of flying now enjoy the preparation of a forthcoming holiday; the ENTIRE holiday, and are even able to bring the holiday relaxation back home with them. They even report feeling appropriately comfortable in turbulance!

Once you let go of your fear of flying you can imagine flying being a pleasant experience and expect to :

  • Enjoy travelling further afield with comfort and ease;
  • Be free of the discomfort or embarrassment your fear of flying creates and have mastery over your fears;
  • Enjoy your travelling companions; a book; inflight entertainment;
  • Let go of the need for alcoholic or sedative assistance and feel brighter as a result;
  • Feel comfortable enough to feel the freedom to sleep;
  • Expand your personal and professional horizons;
  • Fly with confidence.

If this you want to overcome your fear of flying with hypnosis, you can be successful with DōChange Hypnotherapy London, just like my other clients . Call me now on 07768 446 867.