Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.
- Proverb
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Do you have the courage to bring forth your best? The treasures hidden inside you are hoping you’ll say yes.
- Jack Gilbert
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Stand your ground. It’s sacred.
- Unknown

TRANSFORM your thinking
Be TRANSFORMED in how you feel and believe about yourself
Experience TRANSFORMATION in your life

When was the last time you did ‘change’ on purpose? Most people are forced to make change in their life by accident, sometimes in a knee jerk reaction to external influences they’ve no control over in their professional or personal lives. Or sometimes after a steady but slow erosion of their sense of self, their confidence, and capabilities in the face of influences and situations which crept up on them. Do you feel that something needs to change? Maybe you know exactly what needs to change?  Maybe you just sense that something within you is currently unfulfilled and limiting your enjoyment of life but you can’t put your finger on it? When change needs to happen in us or in our lives, it shows up in many different ways…. It may be that fear, anxiety, negativity, inadequacy, lack of confidence; lack of resilience or resources, are showing up in your life or you feel unfulfilled in some way, or aware that things are not quite meeting potential. If any part of this resonates with you, if you want to experience freedom from unnecessary fears, anxiety and negativity, if you want to grow and harness unwavering confidence, resourcefulness and resilience, if you want to realise more and more of your potential every day and feel more joy and happiness, then it’s time to do this change for yourself on purpose. With hypnotherapy and empowerment coaching you can.

TRANSFORM your thinking
Become TRANSFORMED in how you feel and believe about yourself
Experience TRANSFORMATION in your life

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What Clients Say

Hypnotherapy for unhappiness

Rachael was my last stop. I am well educated, successful, and I was still deeply unhappy, somehow always managing to come just short of my goals in life.  I had sought help before and thought I’d dealt with my issues and had a mature attitude to life.  But still…. Rachael is hard (firm), she is honest and tenacious in getting to the  root of the self-beliefs I’d formed for good reasons long ago, to protect myself, beliefs that were not…

Amanda, City Professional
Hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression

When I met Rachael, I had literally tried a dozens of different counsellors, reading self-help books, going to yoga, meditation… the list goes on with traditional and alternative therapies. Nothing could shake the permanent cloud that hung over me, the tears that would fall for no reason when I spoke about my past, my present or my future. I started to think that was just how life was. I met Rachael and I just really connected with her over our…

Ms S, Partner, Legal
Hypnotherapy for adolescents

Rachael did some work with my 12 year old daughter who was struggling to deal with a rather difficult divorce situation.  She was quite anxious at the idea of talking to anyone professionally, so we combined it with a massage and this helped to relax her and to put her at ease.  She came out of the session looking like the weight of the world had been lifted.  She commented on how easy Rachael was to talk and how and…

Mrs K, City Professional and Mother
Hypnotherapy for anxiety

I found DoChange because I was looking for help managing repeated bouts of debilitating anxiety and low mood. When I started my sessions with Rachael I felt I was at a point of crisis and felt hopeless but that quickly began to lift as I experienced the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy and NLP. I learned so much about myself and my ability to take control of what I was experiencing which gave me a new found sense of empowerment. Hypnotherapy…

Jess, Media Professional
Hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression

I went to see Rachael with fairly average expectations based on previous therapy experiences. Rach is an amazing listener and very good at what she does. She did a great job of driving to get to root issues without being pushy. I felt 100% at ease in her company – she was open, genuine and friendly in every session. I also felt that I could call outside of sessions if I needed to which, for me, really highlighted how much…

Ms G, Digital Professional
Hypnosis for Negative Thinking

Rachael showed me how to overcome the negative pattern of thinking that had permeated my consciousness and as a result, I feel as though she’s given me all the tools I need to lead a much better life. I am incredibly grateful for her help.

MJ, Lawyer, London, 2015
Hypnotherapy for better relationships

I wanted to feel energised, positive, driven, happy, peaceful, and confident, I definitely achieved what I wanted - yes! Rachael knows her field extremely well. She is a good listener, amazing analyser, and a superb communicator. She is particularly talented in verbalising specific issues and recurring trends and offering solutions. It feels like she can feel and read through someone’s mind and soul, which is very helpful especially when the client is not good at expressing feelings or not good…

Bald Eagle @40
Hypnotherapy for lack of confidence and anxiety

I have met Rachael had a time in my life when I was spiralling downward.  For years I lacked confidence and hide without really knowing or understanding why, and constantly feeling ‘wrong; which affected all aspects of my life. For me, undertaking therapy with Rachael has been a life changing experience. She has helped me to regain confidence and discover my self-worth and awareness of the inner tools and talent I always had unknowingly. Rachael’s therapy opened the doors and…

Ms GC, London
Hypnotherapy for confidence and anxiety

At the age of 44, having previously unsuccessfully sought to address some long-standing confidence and anxiety issues with a life coach, CBT therapist and hypnotherapist, I saw Rachael as my final attempt to resolve the issues that were having an increasingly detrimental impact on my social and professional lives.  It is no exaggeration to say that Rachael has, through her empathy, patience and above all her tremendous skills as a therapist, materially changed my life for the better.  I approach…

Mr B, Business Professional
Hypnotherapy to overcome family trauma

I decided to see Rachael as I was feeling slightly lost and couldn’t get myself out of a constant feeling of being stuck in a hole. Even if something positive happened I could never enjoy it fully because I was enjoying the positive from the bottom of the hole. I also had unhealthy relationships with family members which were making me dread going back home for visits. These relationships were bringing me down too, I felt like I was getting…

Ms Smith, business owner

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