DōChange Hypnotherapy London  – Effective hypnotherapy in London. 

(道:どう), meaning path or way of Change

Welcome to DōChange Hypnotherapy London for successful hypnotherapy in London.  My name is Rachael Hudson, and I help people change their lives and transform the way they think, feel and believe about themselves. Literally!

It is an absolute privilege to work with you as you gain insight, heal yourself and learn to build effective inner resources. Building inner resources that empower you to discover self-mastery and learn new strategies for life, means you can begin to create and live the life you want for yourself.

If you sense that something needs to change, you feel you could be doing better at this thing called ‘life’ – it isn’t what you expected or wanted it to be, you may also have an awareness that particular thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself and others keep repeating themselves.  You may be lacking in confidence or feel a sense of helplessness, or even feel that something is wrong with you and this leaves you  feeling unfulfilled; frustrated: dissatisfied: stuck: held back; ineffective: lost; helpless to make things better.

My clients transform their lives and achieve success with hypnotherapy in changing how they think, feel and believe about themselves and their lives. They begin to expect better things of themselves and others and consequently attract and experience better things leading to greater happiness and more success in most areas of their lives. They overcome fears that hold them back, so they embrace their potential, seize opportunities, become better at relationships and create a better life for themselves.

DōChange Hypnotherapy London uses powerful and empowering methods of visualization, imagery, metaphor and direct suggestion combined with effective NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaching techniques to ensure a permanent change occurs for you and how you are affected by external events internally. A change in your thinking will change the way you feel about yourself which in turn will change your beliefs about what is possible for you.  This will change your experience of life into something so much better, and someone who feels better about themselves creates a better life!

Using DōChange Hypnotherapy London, you too can change your life for the better and begin to experience abundance and freedom from the things that have been holding you back. You can discover just how amazing you are; how capable you can be; how resourceful and successful you have the ability to become.

If you too want to be a better version of yourself; feel happier and more relaxed; feel more fulfilled; free yourself from fears that hold you back; shed the negativity to embrace a more balanced positive life; or release the pain from old past relationship/family history – then get in touch! You really can conquer; overcome; and break those beliefs, behaviours and habits that hold you back.  Create the life you want, make what you imagine for yourself reality.

Take a look at the Hypnotherapy Treatments page if you want more information on how I can help you walk the path to a changed life with DōChange Hypnotherapy London; call Rachael now for a free initial telephone consultation,  07768 446 867; or email  here.

Hypnosis for Confidence issues Hypnosis for Stress Management
Hypnosis for Weight Loss Hypnosis for Phobias
Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Hypnosis for habit breaking
Hypnosis for depression, low mood & negative thinking Hypnosis to overcome anxiety
Hypnosis for Panic Attacks Hypnosis for Resilience
Hypnosis for relationships Hypnosis to resolve historical emotional pain
Hypnosis for Anger Management Hypnobirthing
Hypnosis for low self esteem Hypnosis for procrastination
Hypnosis for public speaking Hypnosis for IBS
Hypnosis for career changes & interview confidence Hypnosis for revision effectiveness
Hypnosis for insomnia Hypnosis for abusive history
Hypnosis for fear of flying; spiders; lifts; success. Hypnosis for identity issues