Corporate Trainings and Workshops

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rachael activates her passion to understand what makes people do what they do, and how this impacts their experience and outcome and combines her background in business, stress management, personal development, conscious breath and voice work, theatre, dance and bodywork to create unique workshops, corporate trainings, and executive coaching programmes that deliver.  Her perception and boldness complements her natural ability to facilitate change in others.

She loves creating active, dynamic and enjoyable group trainings and individual coaching experiences for employees so they develop and grow their ability to adapt and change behavior.  It’s not unusual for Rachael’s training and coaching programmes to help participants personally as well as professionally, creating an all round happier and productive team. 

Executive Coaching

Often that which individuals need to work on in the professional arena also shows up in their personal lives and vice versa, so Rachael insightfully and respectfully works with the human in front of her, balancing both professional and personal aspects of them.  She wants you to get what you need to make the difference you want to make, which will involve her being caring and compassionate as well as direct and challenging.  She will bring humour to your sessions and will bring whichever approach is best for your success.  She’s as human as you are and works collaboratively with you to make the best changes you need.

Rachael has developed her knowledgeable and eclectic approach by combining her professional certifications and different therapeutic and coaching modalities with over 20 years experience in employee enhancement and empowerment in the City.  Ensuring her clients get their best possible outcome, is the best possible outcome for her.

If you need a coaching programme or workshop designed, Rachael can design trainings and workshops specific to your requirement. She can help in the following areas:

Assertiveness and confidence Presentation skills Next Level Coaching
State Management and State Choice Resilience building Conflict negotiation
Effective Communication Conflict management Stress Reduction
Pivotal Sense Response Flexibility Mindfulness techniques
Transformational Breath®

One happy client says this…

“I first started working with Rachael in the beginning of 2019 to get to the next level in my career in 2019.

Her competent and inspiring support has led to results vastly beyond my expectations. She quickly grasped complex challenges and effectively enabled me to find new solutions to persistent topics. Her intuitive insights and gentle but firm guidance has helped me change the direction of my career and create a new role tailored to my specific experience, helping my organisation maximise value in multiple ways.

Rachael puts her heart and soul into coaching and has a unique lens that provides heightened perspective, busting limiting beliefs and blind spots.

She has helped me explore options outside of my comfort zone resulting in exciting new opportunities!”

Ms B, MD, City

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