Change negative thinking to positive

Turn your face to the sun and your shadows fall behind you
- Maori proverb.

TRANSFORM your thinking
Be TRANSFORMED in how you feel and believe about yourself
Experience TRANSFORMATION in your life

Negativity shows up as many different excuses – Which is yours?:

“I’m just being realistic’“I’m just preparing for all possible outcomes’“It pays to be cautious”
“It makes sense to be logical, rational”?“I’m the common denominator here, it’s never gone right before so there’s just no point….”“Think of the worst case scenario and protect for all outcomes”

Let’s face it…. If you look for evidence of all that could go wrong, you will find it!  And this is the perfect excuse for not making decisions, or committing, or for trashing yourself.  It gives you the perfect excuse to use your past failures to predict your future outcome.  It leaves you stuck.  Negativity stops you from enjoying what you have, from creating anything new personally or professionally, from expanding your horizons and exploring your full potential.

You can change this.  You can free yourself from the paralysis negativity creates in your life.

Have you any idea just how much effort it takes to remain in negative thinking?  It’s exhausting to continually look for all that is, or could go, wrong.  Just imagine what you could do with all that energy you could seize back for yourself when you begin to think in a more positive way.  Overcome the spectre of negativity that hounds you, let go of the anxiety it creates, and learn to enjoy living your life more positively and confidently.

  • Be more empowered, more confident, more engaged in their potential
  • Be more comfortable and happy with decisions they make; and more reassured of their ability to manage all outcomes successfully.
  • Be more positive a part of any group
  • Be more able to enjoy social, romantic and work settings.
  • Be excited to discover what it feels like to be more positive, to maintain positive feelings, to expect positive outcomes and to create and actually experience what is positively expected!
  • Be curious to discover what you attract to you when you become more positively attractive
  • Embrace the thrill and excitement of what life has to offer

DōChange Hypnotherapy for positive thinking uses powerful and empowering methods of visualization, imagery, metaphor and direct suggestion combined with other effective techniques to facilitate generative change in you, changing how you are affected by external events internally.  A change in your thinking will change your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about yourself, which will in turn change your reactions and thus outcomes.  Using hypnosis for negativity will allow you to discover how to embrace life positively.

Once you decide to do something positive about letting go of the negativity, you can look forward to enjoying many things.

Experience for yourself what positivity can attract with DōChange Hypnotherapy.

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