Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Fears

Live in terms of your strong points. Magnify them. Let your weaknesses shrivel up and die from lack of nourishment.
- William Young

TRANSFORM your thinking
Be TRANSFORMED in how you feel and believe about yourself
Experience TRANSFORMATION in your life

Phobias and fears can be truly debilitating.  So much so that everyday life choices and activities can be shaped by and heavily influenced by the perceived need to avoid the object or trigger of the phobia or fear.

‘Irrational’ fears and phobias can affect many aspects of our lives:  Career prospects and international travel opportunities are passed up to avoid flying; Home choices and relationships can be influenced by what seem like irrational or illogical concerns, fears or phobias to both the person experiencing the phobia or fear AND to those who love, or share time, with the phobic person.

Fear is a natural response when our ‘old’ brain perceives that we are somehow in danger, and need to beware – it can trigger a mild ‘fight/flight/freeze’ response in preparation of defending ourselves from this perceived danger.  At its mildest, on a physiological level, this means that our heart rate increased, we breathe more shallowly and faster; our muscles get a huge injection of energy to help us defend, flee or play dead; and all ‘rational’ thought is suspended whilst our other senses become hyper alert.

A phobic response is ALL of the above and MULTIPLIED many many times – taking the phobic person into a state of sheer panic.

Hypnosis helps to re-educate the brain’s responses to the object of fear so that the fear response is eradicated, or at the very least completely reduced and reorganized to a more appropriate and proportionate response leaving you free to enjoy situations and experiences previously avoided.

Feel more comfortable and balanced when encountering previously terrifying or fear-inducing situations and enjoy saying ‘yes’ more often.

DōChange Hypnotherapy London has helped clients over come:

  • phobia of spiders
  • phobia of snakes
  • phobia or fear of flying
  • phobia of driving
  • phobia of dogs
  • phobia of daddy long legs
  • phobia of birth
  • phobia of wasps
  • fear of travelling

You too can overcome phobias with hypnotherapy using DōChange Hypnotherapy London.  Get in touch and find out how.

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