Freedom from Panic Attacks

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.
- Marcus Aurelius

TRANSFORM your thinking
Be TRANSFORMED in how you feel and believe about yourself
Experience TRANSFORMATION in your life

The level of stress we experience during a panic attack comes from the same place in our body as a general fear or phobia – only massively more intense and often out of the blue with no obvious trigger.  Once it’s upon us, this fear we feel can build to sheer terror and feel extremely physical, almost as though it is life threatening.  Indeed, often people report symptoms from as extreme as a tight constricted chest; gasping for breath, to mild butterflies in the stomach or tunnel vision.  These are the body’s natural stress response ratcheted up to it’s highest.  If we knew the trigger of the panic attacks we’d generally avoid it, but since often we don’t, people often build a fearful response to the fear of having the panic attack. A fear of the fear as it were.

This fear of the fear often leads sufferers to over identify with panic attacks expecting and looking out for another, not thinking ‘if’, but worrying about ‘when’ it will come, avoiding similar situations like the first attack – so their world becomes smaller and more fearful.

It is possible to re-programme unconscious and subconscious responses to the external triggers of panic attack and create new associations, thus reducing the strength of the response and installing more controlled, calmer, more peaceful outcomes.  Increasing a general sense of well being and resilience. Hypnotherapy can be very powerful in helping you address and overcome panic attacks. 
With hypnotherapy you can release the fear, and the fear of the fear, and enjoy life again.

Those who overcome panic attacks with DōChange Hypnotherapy London now enjoy their lives so much more!

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