In the moment of your creation, sperm and egg collided and fertilised and the pure magnificence of your full potential took on form and POSSIBILITY. 

This collision triggered a natural, pure, unadulterated, unconscious, mind blowing chain reaction driven by the simple purpose to BECOME. YOU. 

Each development stage driven to fully accomplish itself to allow the amazing nature of the next stage to unfold. Multiplying (dividing) ALL the cells that you were, to become all that you are.

It could be said therefore, each and every cell in our body is unconsciously programmed to meet its full potential. To expand. To become all that it is possible to become. Which means surely, that we are unconsciously programmed to meet our full potential. To be our most possible self. In any given moment, the opportunity to trigger the next version of our most possible self available to us.

Could it be then that our unconscious birthright is quite simply to achieve our fullest? To bring the concept of our innate brilliance in to form?

Achieving full potential - What stops us?

What happens to us then, that stops us from expanding into our most exquisite, awesome possibility? How do we accidentally make ourself smaller, thwarting our full potential's full potential?

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. 

Paolo Coelho

As new born purely potent beings, we are utterly dependent upon ‘Grown Ups’ for survival. We are utterly dependent upon ‘Grown Ups’ showing us what the world is and how to navigate it.  As we grow, sometimes, being our most expansive, awesome self is 'not allowed'. So, we step away from it in favour of what Grown Ups tell us is acceptable. Quickly, we learn that shaping our behaviour to meet Grown Up 'rules' of engagement and inclusion, increase the chances of having our own needs met. Of surviving. We believe totally that the way the Grown Ups see the world is how the world is.

We think our needs are being met, but are they? Perhaps physically. But what about this subconscious need, urge even, to become our fullest expression of our fullest potential?  Is this fulfilled?

What happens to the awesome, intangible energy of potency and possibility we were born to become, in the face of 'behaving'? How early in our life do we become who others want us to be to make things easier for them?

When did we unbecome our innate potent self to become 'acceptable' and 'appropriate'? Did we know we were unwittingly surrendering the birthright of our inner joyous essence? Our enthusiasm, excitement, and creativity? Had we known we might be sentencing ourselves to some kind of 'half life', would we have surrendered?

Fitting In Vs Standing Out

Did we know that shutting down our impassioned anger at the injustice of some small event as a toddler in order to ‘behave’ might silence our voice in adulthood? How, not boasting about a success, or hiding our magnificent quirky talent to protect others, or to fit in somehow was good for us. Protecting our parents or peers from an uncomfortable reality. Maybe even rescuing them from their own opportunity to be their own version of brilliant.

How much of our parents' own essential potency and possibility was suppressed to conform to their parent's society? An unintended generational dilapidation of potential and possibility. And yet, we are utterly dependent upon these people for survival in our early years. Completely unknowing of the consequences, in good faith we sacrifice our full potential. The potential to become ALL we were born to become, becoming instead a mere shadow of that brilliance. 

Held in the bosom of parents who want to grow us into the best people we can be, by their standards and rules. The best person they think we can be, equipped to survive in the jungle that has been their life. Themselves sometimes having lived only a ‘half life’ because of the circumstances and society they were ‘grown’ in. 

If parents who hold us so lovingly (or not) have never experienced the wonder of their own full potential and possibility; who themselves had their own lights dimmed by judgements and biases of past conforming generations - what happens to the brilliant creature you were when you were born? How much of ourselves becomes shaped, moulded, fashioned into something which conforms to others’ thoughts of us and the world? 

It's no surprise....

It's no surprise that many uber successful actors or musicians frequently report having to defy 'mainstreaming' to be true to their voice, their uniqueness. Sometimes they risk losing everything to become everything they could be. If you unbecome who others wanted you to be, and become who you were meant to be, what would you leap on to do? What would you think, feel, believe differently about yourself and life? And what would you happily let go of and leave behind you? 

The child that might have been you, shaped to comply with others expectations - what did they learn about how to be? And what did they not learn? 

Lessons learned?

One lady learned young that excelling to her full potential in school = jealousy and exclusion from her siblings. This girl learned that success = rejection. She learned that popularity and winning hurt in the long run, so it was safer to step away from success. This girl did not learn how to accomplish, or show her true quality, she learned to dim her own light. 

Growing up in your family, what was it the child who was you learned well? And what did they not learn? If this child could ‘unbecome’ any old conditioning, or dampening of potential, would it change who you could become now? How?

Your full potential is waiting for you - Remember who you were.

What new wonders would manifest if you unbecome who you've been and instead become who you were meant to be? What does becoming your full potential look like? Feel like?

If you release just one ‘condition’, reconnecting more of the essential quality of your innate potency, how would you feel? When you re-acquaint yourself with the birthright of your most possible expansive self - how would that look? Would life taste so much better? Be more colourful? Would you experience a greater sense of wholeness?  Listen to and trust more that inner voice that says you are just perfect as you are?

Could you do something you've never done to achieve something you've always wanted?

If you could 'unbecome' in any way, how would the you you were meant to be manifest in your life? What more could be possible? I invite you everyday to commit to become who you were born to become. You were meant to be your most possible you. Your full potential is your innate birthright. Harness it. Be it. Become more of it. Shine!

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